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About Cockapoos

     Cockapoos have been bred since the early 1950's.  They are an ideal companion pet as well as a great family dog.  The crossing of poodle with the cocker spaniel creates a dog that exhibits the best characteristics of each breed.  They are known for their wonderful disposition, keen intelligence, devoted loyalty as well as the hypoallergenic characteristics of little to no dander or shedding and no odor. They are happy but not yappy.

       Our original dogs are of purebred descent with five generation pedigrees.  They are registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club, Continental Kennel Club, United All Breed Registry, American Cockapoo Club (ACC) and the North American Cockapoo Registry (NACR).  They are also certified by the Canine Eye Registration (CERF) and have been certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for patellar luxation. Since the ACC does not do pedigrees and we solely register our puppies with them they will not have a five generation pedigree.

     I have so much information that I can share with you about cockapoos and their wonderful temperaments.  I will be adding more to this page at a later date.  If you are interested and if you have any questions please either email me at

(please note the letter r after cynthia) or call me at 910-852-9011.  If I am not at my phone please leave a message and I will get back to you in the same day as your call.  Thanks for your interest in cockapoos.


     If you are looking for a cheap puppy, we don't have any, but if you are looking for a quality, healthy and affordable puppy you're in the right place. There is a difference between price and cost. There are cockapoo puppies for a cheaper price but these puppies have not been tested for genetic diseases that can come out as the puppy gets older and be very expensive to treat. Our sires and dams have  been checked for the inherited diseases that can be passed from cocker spaniel and poodle and are considered sound, healthy dogs for breeding. We strongly believe that the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten. It is for this reason that we have gone to great lengths to be sure that our puppies are sound in every way.  

    Should you decide on a puppy from us an application will be emailed to you.  After you send it back completed it will be reviewed by me.  If there are no questions I will accept a deposit payment of $200.00 by Certified Check, Money Order or Cash. Your puppy will be chosen at 6 weeks of age and the balance will be due on the date you pick your puppy up at no less than 8 weeks of age.  Breeder always reserves the right to have first pick in any litter.  If, in the event breeder agrees to keep puppy after 8 weeks there is a fee for said service.

Warranty or Guarantee

     The puppies at Cuppycake Cockapoos are guaranteed to be free of genetic defects for one year from their birth date.  We guarantee that your puppy is healthy and free of communicable disease when they leave us and for 3 days following delivery.  A signed agreement that outlines the guarantee will be provided and must be signed and returned from you. Pups should be seen by the buyer's vet within 3 days following delivery and a Vet Checklist, which will be provided, should be signed and returned to us (the breeder) on or before that date.

     Owners are required to continue pet care including but not limited to proper veterinary care and proper grooming.  Failure to do so will render any warranties null and void.  It is best not to take your puppy in areas such as parks, pet stores, sidewalks or any place where they might be around other dogs until 16 weeks of age. By that time the puppy will have had a complete series of puppy vaccinations.

     Parasites, internal or external are not covered by the guarantee.  At Cuppycake Cockapoos we do everything possible to ensure that our puppies are free of these pests, but parasites occur in nature and can be easily missed by treatments.  

     If your puppy is found to be unhealthy (with a written, signed letter from your vet), you may return said puppy for a full refund or a replacement puppy (if and/or when one is available).  We reserve the right to have a second opinion if we feel it is necessary.

     If., AT ANY TIME, you decide that the puppy is not working out for you for ANY REASON, we reserve the right of first refusal.  We have a lifetime take back policy.  If this time ever arises we will take the puppy/dog back and find a suitable home for it.  This, will not, however, imply any refunds.

More Important Info

     Our puppies are ready for their new homes at eight weeks of age.  Included with the purchase of your new puppy you will receive a starter bag of puppy food, blanket, toy, and record of previous vaccinations which will be up to date.  Our dogs as well as our puppies are fed Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Dog Food and we highly recommend this food for all stages of the dog's life.  The toy will be an item that the pup has had during their stay with us so that it will be familiar to him/her as they get used to their new home.